Blueprint Exhibition launches at Store Street Gallery

Blueprint is a contemporary exhibition taking place at Store Street Gallery from 19th January to the 14th February. Exploring our relationship with the built environment, the exhibition will include works from Will Martyr, Hedy Parry-Davies and Marc Gooderham.

Based in London, Will Martyr brings together found images with remembered places, using an extremely precise painting technique which require many stages to create a flawless canvas. Inspired by post-war American art and Pop Art, Modernism, Italian Futurism and Russian 1930’s posters, his paintings are reminiscent of old holiday postcards.

Hedy Parry-Davies was born and educated in Haifa, Israel, and moved to England in the 1970’s to study architecture at Greenwich University, and has been a practising architect since 1980. In her tessellation work, Parry-Davies expresses a preference for redundant materials, maps, manuscripts and other papiér trouvé. She combines the two-dimensional images to craft a three-dimensional work of art, experimenting with the tensions between content and form.

Marc Gooderham studied Foundation Art and Illustration at the University of Westminster. In his paintings he focusses on the city’s decaying and unique architecture. In his paintings he brings attention to the faded gradeur that many of us would pass by without a second glance.

Blueprint exhibition will show at Store Street Gallery, from 19th January to 14th February.

For more information, please contact Store Street Gallery directly.