From Wednesday 28th November to Monday 22nd April 2019 The Dickens Museum is hosting as special exhibition entitled Food Glorious Food: Dinner with Dickens

Newly-married Catherine and Charles Dickens moved into this, their first house, in 1837. Eager to make their mark socially, they began to invite family, friends and interesting people to dine with them.

Literary London was abuzz with accounts of dinner with Dickens; the table display, the food, the guests and their conversation. Some accounts mention the servants who opened the door, or passed round the food but nobody wrote about the cook and housemaids, whose day had been spent labouring in the sweltering kitchen, to produce so much food, hot and on time.

Dickens wrote about food in his stories to insist that rich and poor alike had the right to share and enjoy food and drink; and that children deserved the security of proper meals provided by a kind and loving person.

As you walk through each room in the house and the two exhibition rooms, you will discover how a dinner party might be prepared and enjoyed (or not) and what Dickens and the people in his life (both real and imaginary) had to eat.

Every room tells its own story of dinner with Dickens, and shows how his appetite for shared food was sharpened by his own experience.

Food Glorious Food: Dinner with Dickens.  Full details at