Foote’s Music Unveils Exciting New Products

If you have missed out on the best of British music this summer, Foote’s Music is here to help you out. Not only does the store have a brand new layout, but there is more stock than ever before, with additions not only from London, but from other international cities.

The new stock includes Darbukas and Hand Drums directly from exotic Turkey, which come in a range of sizes and a variety of colours. There are even more British made Carrera drums, which although are hand-crafted in London and are exclusive in London to the Store Street shop, have proven themselves to be an internationally recognised brand. As well as these amazing pieces, there is a full range of Roland electronic drums and percussion, not only for you to look at, but also to try out in the shop.

Pop down to Foote’s Music  to check out the recently furnished layout, all of the new stock and the in-store tuition for drums and percussion in their own sound-proof studio.

For more information, please contact Foote’s Music directly.