Hit the Road – Most of the time being a Londoner is a fun, inspiring and rousing experience that keeps motivating us to leave our house and explore what our vibrant capital has to offer. But more often than we’d like, transportation throws a spanner in the works. From signal failures to rush hour traffic, it can be problematic getting around town.

And as we are waiting to see whether the tube strike will scupper our weekend plans, TFL and New London Architecture have launched an exhibition that showcases the evolution of the capital’s streets and answers burning questions about the future. How will London’s roads change in the coming years? What are the innovative options that might solve road congestion?

From ‘intelligent buses’ to driverless cars and drones in place of delivery vans, the exhibition may persuade even the most sceptical Londoners that there’s still hope for commuters.

The show will run up until 24th February at Store Street’s NLA Gallery, so make sure you pencil it in your diary – for more information, visit here