Jo Malone

Part of Bloomsbury’s rich literary and cultural heritage, The Bloomsbury Set, including free spirited artists and writers Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster and Vanessa Bell, are the inspiration behind Jo Malone’s latest fragrance collection.

The collection captures the intoxicating essence of the Set’s ‘unconventional life’ and their weekends in Charleston farmhouse in Sussex. The five new limited edition fragrances include:

Garden Lilie, a crisp and refreshing scent, reminisces on early mornings by the pond with notes of water lilies and hints of white musk and vanilla

Blue Hyacinth was created by combining the blooms found within the gardens of Charleston, including geraniums and vetiver, making a sweet, floral fragrance

Leather & Artemisia has been designed to transport you to the house’s library, filled with books bound in leather. Its notes of absinthe and cypriol further enhance the nostalgic feeling the scent evokes

Tobacoo & Mandarin relives the talks on philosophy, literature and art enjoyed with a tobacco pipe after dinner. Tobacco is recreated with the addition of mandarin, sage and beeswax

Whisky & Cedarwood, an unconventional fragrance made of an enigmatic blend of whisky, roses, pimento and cedar wood, captures the Set’s darkest tales

To find out more about the Bloomsbury Set fragrances or buy any of the scents, visit here

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