London Walking Tour around Bloomsbury by the NLA


New London walking tour – Are you interested in learning a bit more about London’s architecture and how the city’s landscape has developed over the years? New London Architecture is the focus of debate on such issues, holding regular discussions on architecture, planning, development and construction in the capital.

Offering a year round programme of conferences and talks, the NLA attracts leading decision makes in the London government, and their public gallery, open six days a week free of charge, tells the story London’s development across all if it’s 33 boroughs.

Home to a vast array of cultural, academic and medical institutions, Bloomsbury is often given the nickname of London’s ‘most intellectual neighbourhood’. The walking tour explores the juxtaposition rising up amongst Bloomsbuy’s garden squares, with newer buildings placed side-by-side with 19th Century landmarks.

The next London Walking Tour is to take place on the 12th April and lasts approximately two hours, starting at the NLA  on Store Street.

Pre-booking is essential, please contact the NLA directly.