The race to the finish line has begun…

With the onset of July, the days of midsummer are truly upon us, and so is the Tour de France. This year will also be the first time since 2007 that the route will take the athletes through London, taking the peloton alongside the Olympic Park, and past some of London’s finest landmarks, before finishing in front of Buckingham Palace.

While most of us will have to stick to the sidelines on this occasion, now is the perfect time to get involved in the cycling craze and start pumping those pedals towards a healthier lifetsyle. See below for our top tips on what to consider if you are a cycling newbie who is thinking of taking up the sport:

No. 1. Dress for the Weather

While this might seem a slightly redundant point when we are enjoying blazing sunshine, it is worth considering. Most people take up cycling in the summer, when the weather is pleasant, but their motivation to keep it up quickly falls by the wayside once autumn sets in an the weather turns colder and rainier. But there is no reason to let this put you off – if you pick up some of the latest cycling clothing, then there is no reason why you can’t cycle comfortably in all weathers. Cloud 9 Cycles have some great accessories that make cycling in even the most torrential downpour a walk in the park.

No.2. Be Prepared

If you are thinking of cycling to work, then make sure not to leave all your preparations to the morning. In the early morning rush it is easy to be tempted onto public transport or into the car, rather than waste time packing a cycling bag to take with you to work. Make sure you have everything you need for the day organised with the help of a Henty Wingman, a cycling bag that is capable of carrying everything that you might need for a day at work, including suit and laptop. The Henty Wingman is stocked by Cloud 9 Cycles; pick one up and take everything with you on your morning commute.

No.3 Stay Safe

It’s a dangerous world our there – make sure you stay safe on the road by ensuring your bike is fully equipped and serviced, and that you are wearing the proper safety equipment. Now we all know that a cycling helmet may not be the most stylish accessory, so if you would rather something a bit more subtle, try the Hövding Bike helmet, an inflatable helmet that is worn around the neck and inflates instantly to protect the wearer’s head in the event of an accident. Visit Cloud 9 Cycles to pick one up for yourself.

No.4. Reward Yourself

We all know that it is difficult to stick to a new exercise routine, and cycling is no different, so make sure to give yourself some little rewards for keeping up the good work. We recommend a slice of Store Street Espresso’s delicious chocolate cake, or if you are in search of something a little more refreshing, a gelato from Caffé Paradiso.

For more cycling advice and information, please contact Cloud 9 Cycles directly on 020 8090 9560.