SHP’s Circle Stay-At-Home Challenge

From Joe Wicks to the Green Goddess to Barry’s Bootcamp, we are all exercising at home at the moment…

…And SHP is setting the challenge to put this time to even better use by entering The SHP Circle Challenge.

All you have to do is walk, run or dance the length of the Circle Line from the comfort of your own home to support homeless Londoners through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond*

Yes, that’s right. The Circle Line. All 21.2 miles of it (or 427 minutes / 45,000 steps if you’d rather!).

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it all in one go!

You can even take on the challenge as part of a team, or split up the distance across a number of days.

All you need to do is:

Make a pledge i.e. “I’ll cover the distance of the Circle Line in…”

Download the fundraising pack here

Set up a fundraising page by clicking here

Get going!

Use social media to tell all your friends/colleagues and encourage them to get involved too! Don’t forget to tag SHP on Twitter or Instagram (both @shpcharity)

*NOTE: Please don’t walk/run the real tube line currently – we’ll do this once the lockdown is over. For now, please undertake any exercise close to or in your home, maintaining Government advice around social distancing.

Single Homeless Project (SHP) is a charity that supports 8,000 people in all 32 London boroughs who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

They have 40 years of experience and every year help 8,000 people to tackle the underlying issues of homelessness via: • Providing support and accommodation • Homelessness prevention work • Promoting wellbeing and creating education, training and employment opportunities • Being a voice for change

The people they work with are often struggling with more than one support need at a time, for example: • Mental health diagnosis • Alcohol & drug addiction • Young People leaving care • Experience of trauma, abuse and neglect

They specialise in the “single homeless”, a group often overlooked by other support agencies.