Sights on Store Street

Can you believe your eyes? Is all what it seems on Store Street? Join us on Friday 16th October for a promenade where we present our 2020 exploration of Vision!

As the first in a series of Bloomsbury Festival events, we reveal illusions, magic reflections, colour, rainbow ribbons, and invite you to join our top secret Illusion Laboratory experiment.

Walking along the street transformed you will meet musicians, performers, entertainers and academic ‘illusion’ experts. Enjoy the sights and sounds, explore shops and cafes. Question what your eyes see, what you imagine for the future, and join the sometimes hidden communities of Bloomsbury.

Artists YARA + DAVINA’s Opinion Pole invites the public to consider their visions of the future, as the artists bring people together with a specially commissioned community maypole.

Roger Hartley of Bureau of Silly Ideas offers a laboratory of visual illusions with Professor Andrew Stockman and colleagues from the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology – and they ask you to consider for a moment, is what you see real or an illusion? Do your eyes or the images play tricks on you?
Join us and become part of a new vision for Store Street.
FREE, just turn up

This Store Street event is designed for you to enjoy as a gentle promenade – perhaps part of your daily walk, in ones or twos, or in small household groups as allowed by any social distancing requirements at the time. This safety first event will be stewarded for your reassurance.

We invite you to explore Store Street transformed on Friday 16th October between 12noon and 8pm.

Supported by The Bedford Estates.