Tarot reading and ‘Remembering the Teen Witch’ at Treadwell’s Bookshop

Treadwell’s is a bookshop and cultural centre for people interested in subjects such as esotericism, culture, religion and spiritually. Big enough to cover a wide range of subjects, yet small enough to retain the boutique feel, Treadwell’s sells secondhand and new books as well as rare and unusual finds.

In addition to a wide range of books in a variety of subjects, Treadwell’s also offers Tarot card reading, and is famed for their world class tarot readers.

Open seven days a week, Treadwell’s often hosts talks and special events in the evenings; their guided walking tour of London’s occult history is already sold out, which gives you an indication of how popular and informative they are.

While all their events and talks look extremely interesting, it was their event on the 11th September, ‘Remembering the Teen Witch Craze’ that caught our eye. We can remember all to clearly settling down to watch an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or Charmed back in the day, and it was an unquestioned presence at many a secondary school sleepover.

This lecture explores how, at the turn of the year 2000, when teen witches were all over film and TV, the effect this had on teen spirituality. Anthropologist Hannah Johnson studied them for her doctoral research, and now, nearly fifteen years on, revisits how this era shaped the identities of many young people.

For more information and ticket prices, please contact Treadwell’s directly.