For far too long, a refreshing ice-cold coffee has meant a sickly sweet yet oddly bitter, cream-filled frappé from one of the high street’s large chain cafés. Fortunately, according to recent news, this summer is about to change all that with the rise of the Cold Brew Coffee.

A trend made famous on the super stylish streets of New York, Cold Brew Coffee is set to take London by storm. For coffee-connoisseurs, it’s a far more refined and delicious alternative to iced-coffee, with a subtly sweet and utterly refreshing flavour.

Instead of pouring a hot espresso over ice, cold brew coffee is ground coffee that’s steeped in cold water for 12 hours, requiring no heat whatsoever. According to health experts, this makes it less acidic, which helps maintain the body’s pH balance. It’s naturally sweet taste ensures no added sugar or cream is necessary.

The news keeps getting better, as Store Street Espresso brew their own, so pop in for a cold brew fix (as soon as this weather eventually warms up.

Store Street Espresso
40 Store street, London, WC1E 7DB

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