TubeStrikeI’m sure no one is filled with joy at the thought of two more tube strikes this August, but we’re here to provide you with some silver linings. Rather than queue for hours for a crammed, sweltering bus, or wear down your shoes walking home, there are 2 more solutions:

1. Get home using a healthy alternative mode of transport
2. Stay exactly where you are

Why not use the tube strike as an excuse to try cycling to work for the day? If you don’t fancy hiring one of Boris’s heavy bikes, head to Cloud 9 Cycles and rent one of their stylish road bikes, just £40 for two days! You never know, you might even prefer the feel of the wind in your hair, rather than an underarm in your face, and give up the tube for good.

Alternatively, you can wait-out the strike in style at one of your favourite restaurants or bars. With some incredibly appealing cocktails on offer at Busaba and delicious summer menus at The Life Goddess & Olivelli, Store Street will help you forget all about the city’s transport dramas. At least you’ll be able to snag a seat on the night bus home after.

Word of warning though – don’t hire the bikes after a cocktail or two!