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Whether you’re looking for a beautiful orchid, a fabulous blow dry and manicure, or something more eclectic, such as a a piece of art or a musical instrument, you will find it on Store Street. You can also choose from a range of fantastic coffee shops and restaurants, offering everything from great Italian food at Ristorante Olivelli to an honest pub lunch at the College Arms.   Offering a contrast to the hustle and bustle of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, Store Street is one of London’s hidden gems.

With the aim of discovering some budding amateur film-making talent, 2014’s ‘My Bloomsbury’ campaign gave creative fans of Bloomsbury the chance to showcase what they love most about this area in a short film.

The winner of the competition, Belma Mahmut, was inspired by local independent organisations that breathe life into communities, and the identity they can give to an area. Watch her short film ‘Hidden Bloomsbury’ below.

“London has a reputation for being too big and impersonal, yet community should be at the heart of any area. In order to keep an area’s identity, it’s important to support local, independent organisations, who breath individuality, heart and soul into the area; and keep communities together, which is what makes happy people. I love the idea of blending the win-win of enjoying great products, great food, great drink, great experiences whilst at the same time supporting local shops, charities and social enterprises.”


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